A diverse and inclusive bar is necessary to attract and retain talented employees and leaders; effectively serve diverse clients with diverse needs; understand and adapt to increasingly diverse local and global markets; devise creative solutions to complex problems; and improve access to justice, respect for the rule of law, and credibility of the legal profession. 

This exhibit has been made possible with the support of the following:


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  • Oregon Chapter of the National Bar Association






*A generous $7,500 grant

Exhibit Planning Team

  • Mary Anne Anderson, Staff Attorney, U.S. District Court
  • Bill Chin, Professor, Lewis & Clark
  • Mariann Hyland, Director, Diversity & Inclusion, OSB
  • Benjamin James, Assistant, Diversity & Inclusion, OSB
  • Paul Nickell, Bulletin Editor, Communications, OSB
  • Danny Santos, Associate Dean for Student Affairs & Administration, Willamette University
  • Diane S. Sykes, Attorney at Law, P.C.
  • Anna Zanolli, Creative Services Manager, OSB

Exhibit creators Chet Orloff and Linda Wisner (principal, Wisner Creative) researched, wrote, and designed the exhibit. Oregon Blue Print Company printed the wall panels. Many members of the Oregon State Bar as well as friends of the legal community contributed their time, expertise, knowledge, and opinions toward the creation of this exhibit. The exhibit creators and the Oregon State Bar thank them all for their help.

Images courtesy of the Oregon State Bar, Multnomah Bar Association, Oregon Historical Society, George H. W. Bush Presidential Library, South Asian American Digital Archive, Tagxedo, and anonymous contributors.

The archives of the Diversity and Inclusion Department of the Oregon State Bar and the Oregon Historical Society Davies Family Research Library provided background information and resources for this project.

Serving Justice: A History of the Oregon State Bar, 1890-2000, by Gordon B. Dodds and Cathy Croghan Alzner (Portland: Oregon State Bar, 2004) was an invaluable resource for this project as well as for knowledge of the Oregon State Bar.

Exhibit revisions and additions are welcome. Please contact us at the Diversity & Inclusion Department, [email protected]